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New PRIVATE Patients Registration

Dickson Chemist are a “bricks and mortar pharmacy”, specialising in obtaining unusual or unlicensed medications. We are not an online pharmacy – we have 9 physical NHS locations and 1 private location.

We support a large private client base, most commonly people who have been referred to us by:

  • The LDN Research Trust




  • Cancer Options (Patricia Peat)




  • Care Oncology




  • Harley Street Medical – Cancer Centre London




as well as various Social Media support groups supporting autoimmune diseases and Lyme Disease.

We support charities who provide support to patients with Chronic Fatigue and ME.

The list of common conditions we support is available on the consultation form.

If you already have a prescription, you can upload it below, otherwise if you need to have a consultation to obtain a prescription, click the green button below.


Consultation – £50


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